Today in the city Pacifica 12.12.2017
You'll Think This Affordable Vegan Mascara Is Better Than Pricier Options

I have fine, stick-straight eyelashes that have a tendency to point straight down, which means I have high expectations from my mascara. Read: It needs to help my lashes hold a curl, boost volume, and...

Why It's Not Surprising So Many Women Are Supporting Roy Moore

The country is in the middle of a national reckoning. It feels like the structures that enabled (mostly) men to sexually harass and assault others with no consequences are crumbling down, taking with...

Pushback Against Dedicated QA

If you're part of a QA team, here's what to watch out for when dealing with developers and how you can get on the same page with them.

Greitens' Team Facing Pushback Over Messaging App

Several senior members of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' office have accounts with a secretive app that erases messages after they're read.

Mattis gave the Pentagon a stark warning about the Air Force's struggling new tanker program

Boeing's effort to develop the Air Force's new tanker has been stymied by technical delays and cost overruns. Defense chief Jim Mattis has said the Pentagon will not accept any of the tankers that are...

Brawl Over Beijing Policy Strengthens Pushback at China's Reach Down Under

A prominent lawmaker’s forced resignation over his support of key Chinese foreign-policy objectives is triggering new alarm in Australia about Beijing’s influence and lending momentum to a clampdown o...

Auto safety group seeks Chrysler Pacifica recall

DETROIT (AP) — An auto safety group is asking the government for a recall of Chrysler Pacifica minivans over complaints that the engines can stall without warning.

Chrysler Pacifica Owners Say Minivans Suddenly Shut Off

No crashes or injuries have been linked to the issue, but more than 50 complaints have been filed. The automaker sees no sign of a consistent problem.

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